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Music has always been a vital component of social change. In the 50’s and 60’s singing played a large part in the social justice movement. The mission of our group is to bring songs back to our current rallies, marches and other events in support of peace, environmental, political, racial and social justice issues. Our goal is to resurrect Jon Fromer's Freedom Song Network  which for a quarter of a century raised their voices for justice and freedom.  We sing songs that people can sing along with us.


Members of our group will attend San Francisco Bay Area events that promote a healthy, safe, equitable world to sing songs suitable for all attending to join in. We are all volunteers and there will be no charge for our appearance at the events.

We hold monthly meetings in Marin County, California to  learn, share and practice songs. We welcome anyone who wants to simply sing, can play a musical instrument or help with coordination.   Please contact us (see contact info  below)  to be added to our list of members or if you want us to perform at one of your organization's events.


December (probably a day between December 16 - 20.) Impeachment Rally at the San Rafael City Plaza, San Rafael City Plaza,  1000 4th St.   Join us as we sing at the rally.

Friday, December 13, 5:30-7 pm, Gun Violence Rally at Novato City Hall, 901 Sherman at DeLong. This PeaceNovato-sponsored vigil is planned as part of a nationwide observance marking the Sandy Hook School shootings seven years ago (December 14, 2012). Eighty-nine organizations in over thirty states, and counting, will hold events throughout December. Part remembrance, part re-dedication to gun safety, these observances show us both that progress has been made — and that it’s not enough. Bring signs and candles, your neighbors and kids. PeaceNovato Steering Committee Info: 415.883-8324. 

Friday, December 27, 4 - 5pm at Redwoods Retirement Community, 40 Camino Alto. Join us as we sing with the Seniors for Peace at the corner of Camino Alto and Miller.



Thursday, December 19 at 6:30 pm at the home of Jacki and Dave Fromer in Mill Valley


Click on the events listed below to go to the links

11/18/17 Mill Valley Community Action Network's Anniversary event Video by Fabrice Florin

7/26/17 Reed Fromer leading us in Song at the Redwoods Retirement Community Video by Fabrice Florin

1/14/18 Democracy Cafe  event 360° video created by Gary Yost. To look all around, swipe the video while it plays

2/18/18 2/18/18 Demo Cafe Youth in Action video created by Phyllis Florin

5/28/18 Democracy Cafe's Art Float at the Mill Valley Memorial Day Parade

9/27/18 Freedom Singers singing at one of our member's Sukkot dinner

9/15/18 Freedom Singers perform at Environmental Conference attended by 700 people called "Getting to Paris Without Stopping In Washington"  Listen to us sing This Little Light of Mine and Soon and Very Soon   (filmed by Fabrice Florin)

12/9/18 Freedom Singers perform at Resilient Neighborhoods and Sustainable San Rafael holiday party. (the 5 videos below were filmed by Fabrice Florin.)

• One Small Planet

• While Light Christmas

• This Land is Your Land

• We Shall Overcome 

• Blowin’ in the Wind

9/8/2019 Freedom Singers perform at Resilient Neighborhoods Party Benefit  (Video by Fabrice Florin - GreenChange.net) Also watch Flemish Artists sing this song and learn more about this popular climate anthem, which was first released in Belgium and has now been sung by tens of thousands around the world: https://youtu.be/c7V1qLLsn7M


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Wayne Lechner     waynelechner1954@gmail.com     415-479-8618  

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