Our Freedom Singers sang with the Shady Ladies at the Mill Valley Community Action Network's 1st Anniversary event November 2017. (Photo: Fabrice Florin)

Singing at Women's March

Please join us at the Women's March on Saturday, January 20 and sing with us as we march. We will meet at 11:30am at the corner of McAllister and Larkin. Their rally starts at noon and the March begins at 2:00pm.

Reed Fromer leads us in song

Reed Fromer, who  helped found our Freedom Singers, led us in song at the Redwoods Retirement Community in July 2017. Reed, a  nephew of Jon Fromer started singing with Jon at age 14.

Representative Jared Huffman joins us in song

Our second presentation was at an Organizing for Action event November 2017. We were honored to have Representative Huffman join us in a few of our songs.

January 14, 2018 We led participants in song at the Democracy Cafe grand opening  and we made signs for the March - photos below  taken by Fabrice Florin

January 20: We sang and marched at the Women's March in San Francisco.

  • February 14: On Valentine's day we sang at the Mill Valley Depot Square during an anti-discrimination campaign called "Love Lives in Marin" (an ongoing series of online and live events that welcome diversity in our towns - sponsored by Marin Interfaith Council and MVCAN)
  • February 18: We sang at Democracy Cafe's: Youth in Action event  at the O'Hanlon Center for the Arts. The Democracy Cafe is a new series of free art, music and social events in Mill Valley. The "Youth in Action" event welcomes young people to make art and music and talk about our world with adults and how we can all take meaningful political action. You can view a video of us singing by clicking here
  • February 24: We sang at a  Friendship event with children in the Baha'i "virtues class".  (Part of the Baha'i goal is to empower the children by helping them learn to plan so the children orchestrated the event. What fun! 
  • March 18: We sang at the Democracy Cafe's event on gun violence
  • March 24: We sang at  March for Our Lives rally in San Francisco to end gun violence.
  • April 22:  We sang at Democracy Cafe/MVCAN Eco Team's Earth Day event  at Tamalpais High School and at Sausalito Presbyterian Church
  • May 7: We sang at the 350Marin #ShutDownChase Rally in San Rafael
  • May 22 We sang at the Immigrant Solidarity March and Rally in San Rafael, part of Love Lives in Marin event series.
  • May 28: We joined Democracy Cafe's float and sang during the Mill Valley Parade
  • June 9:  We joined Democracy Cafe's float and sang during the Fairfax Parade
  • July 4: We joined Democracy Cafe's float and sang during the Corte Madera Parade
  • July 8: We sang at the  ICE Detention Center (Let Our People Go Demonstration) in Richmond
  • July 18: For about an hour we led the participants in song at a Confront Corruption rally in San Rafael.
  • August 3: We held a Flash Mob  at  the Square of the Mill Valley Book Depot
  • August 5: We sang at a Building Bridges potluck picnic in  San Rafael.
  • September 5: We sang at the Redwoods Retirement Community in Mill Valley hosted by the Mill Valley Seniors for Peace and our Freedom Singers.  Reed Fromer led all guest in song.
  •  September 8 : We marched and sang at the Rise for Climate, Jobs & Justice March in San Francisco.
  • September 15: Getting to Paris Without Stopping in Washington. We joined Reed Fromer to lead all in song. Speakers were  architect of the United Nations Paris Climate Agreement Christiana Figueres , California EPA Secretary Matt Rodriquez, Berkeley Professor Daniel Kammen, Congressman Jared Huffman and other climate leaders.
  • September 15: Freedom Singers Sukkot dinner hosted by Laura and Angela Giacomini. We celebrated Sukkot with a traditional Sukkot ceremony and ate and sang outdoors under a hand built Sukkah .
  • October 29: We sang at Our Children’s Trust  rally, at the city plaza in San Rafael
  • Friday November 2: We sang with the Seniors for Peace corner of Miller and Camino Alto, Mill Valley. To"Get Out the Vote"
  • November 7: Special night with the Fromers to learn about Jon Fromer and  the Freedom Song Network and watch videos of Jon, Dave and Reed performing.
  • November 8: Sang at the San Rafael rally to protect Mueller investigation after Jeff Sessions was fired.
  • December 6: We sang at the Immigration Rally The rally was followed by a Board of Supervisors Community Forum to provide the public with information as to how local law enforcement agencies entangle themselves with federal immigration authorities.
  • December 9Resilient Neighborhoods  and Sustainable San Rafael holiday party.  Freedom Singers who have participated in Resilient Neighborhoods classes or are a member of Sustainable San Rafael joined us to lead attendees in song.   
  • January 19, 2019 : We sang at the Women's March in San Francisco.
  • January 27: We sang at  Mt. Tam Methodist Church's at monthly community meal for homeless
  • February 12:  We joined people petitioning to change the name of the Dixie School District at the Dixie School Board meeting and sang as they entered the event.
  • February 18:  We sang at a rally to protest Trump's declaration of a national emergency at the San Rafael City Plaza. 
  • March 8:  Sang with Seniors for Peace at the Redwoods Retirement Community in Mill Valley. 
  • April 10:  We sang at a rally to Defund Disaster/Shut Down Chase, JPMorgan Chase Bank in San Anselmo.
  • April 12: Sang with Seniors for Peace at the Redwoods Retirement Community in Mill Valley. 
  • May 8, We sang for 30 minutes before the start of the event Firestorm: Wildfires and Climate Change at the San Rafael Community Center.
  • May 24 Sang with Seniors for Peace at the Redwoods Retirement Community in Mill Valley. 
  • July 4:  joined Green Change to sing in the July 4th Parade in Corte Madera. .
  • May 27:  Mill Valley Memorial Day Parade: We  joined Mill Valley Community Action Network and sang throughout the march. We were often joined by people viewing from the sidelines.
  • June 15 : #Impeach Trump - Act to Defend Democracy"rally in  San Rafael. We sang at the opening and the closing of the rally.
  • June 28:  Sang with Seniors for Peace at the Redwoods Retirement Community in Mill Valley. 
  • July 12: Lights for Liberty Vigil in Novato: A Vigil to End Human Detention Camps. We sang at the beginning of the vigil and at  moving candlelight ceremony at the end where we led all in "This Little Light of Mine".
  • July 16  Golden Gate Village Resident Council's Plan for revitalization of Golden Gate Village.  We sang at the rally held across from the Marin Civic Center in San Rafael.
  • July 26, Sang with the Seniors for Peace at the Redwoods Retirement Community in Mill Valley.

August 18,  THE GREAT AMERICAN SH*T SHOW ! Solo performance stars Brian Copeland and Charlie Varon join forces to present new monologues on the life in the Age of Trump. An evening of laughing and thinking, covering topics including how to deal with a family member who’s all in for the Donald when you’re not, trying to turn red congressional seats blue, #MeToo and more. If you like Trump, you’ll hate this show! Our Freedom Singers sang before the show.

August 23, Sang with the Seniors for Peace at the Redwoods Retirement Community in Mill Valley

September 8, Sang Sing for Climate song at the Resilient Neighborhoods Benefit.

September 11,  3rd Annual Sing-Along for Peace with the Seniors for Peace at the Redwoods Retirement Community. Once more Reed Former was the feature of the evening!

September 20, We sang with the Mill Valley Seniors for Peace at their Climate Strike.

September 20,  We sang at the Climate Strike at the Mill Valley Book Depot.

September 27, We sang with the Seniors for Peace at the Redwoods Retirement Community.

Friday, October 25, We sang with the Seniors for Peace at the Redwoods Retirement Community.

October 27, We led the audience in We Shall Not Be Moved at the Marin Organizing Committee’s 10th Anniversary Convention,

November 14, our Freedom Singers led people in song as they entered the Great American Sh*t Show. Brian Copeland and Charlie Varon delivered monologues on life in the age of Trump .   


We hold monthly meetings in Marin County, California to  learn, share and practice songs. We welcome anyone who wants to simply sing, can play a musical instrument or help with coordination.   Please contact us  to be added to our list of members.


We are an all volunteer group and do not charge to appear at your events to lead your group in song. Please contact us for more information.


Marilyn Price   415-381-2941   

Wayne Lechner   415-479-8618  

Below you can view the flier for our 9/11/19 "Sing-along for a Peaceful World" at the Redwoods Retirement Community (check out the list of environmental and social justice groups that signed on as "Friends" of the event).

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